Lisboa - part I

I'm back from sunny Lisbon! A little bit more than a week ago we traveled to the capital of Portugal to take some time out. Both of us worked untill the end of 2015 and we wanted to start the new year fresh. This small trip was just what we needed and what a vacation should be, lot's of walking, good food, ending every day with a bottle sangria at one of the kiosk's you can find everywhere and eyestaring at all the balconies with there pretty greens.

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A walk in the woods, part 1

A day off and a long walk in to the woods was just what I needed. We found a new hidden gem outside the city. A 15 minute drive and you can make a walk between these beautiful giants. I love the foggy weather, which made everything look so magical and mysterious. Searching for mushrooms and collecting pretty leaves just like you did in primary school (remember?). Don't forget that great smell of fallen leaves and pines. And now I want to knit some more and prepare myself for Winter.

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Dutch Design Week.

Again it has been much to quite here. I made plans so many times to update this space of mine on the web but it never came to that. It seems that so many people switched there blog to instagram, just like me. But here I am trying again. Hope somebody would still be interested.

Last weekend I had a date with sweet girl Marlou at the Dutch Design Week. We walked and talked a lot and felt very inspired by everything that we saw. Eating yummy pie at Piet Hein Eek and admiring Liekeland's beautiful print (the one at the bottem is now mine). Here are some details in pictures for you to see.

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